250 Words Homework Within 24 Hours Measuring Change

Change involves moving from one  circumstance or situation to another. Since organizations involve many  components and systems, the ability to effectively communicate any  changes throughout the organization becomes a critical component of  employee morale and commitment. 
In this scenario, assume you are serving as a Human Resource  Manager for a company in Saudi Arabia that has announced that they must  lay off 20% of all employees. Discuss how you would advise management  about how best to communicate this message. Include the following areas:  the specific process they should follow, the format/channels they  should use, the components to include in the message. How can the change pre-layoff and post-layoff be evaluated? What type of control systems would you employ to ensure a smooth transition? What metrics or measurement tools could you use to ensure the current customer base is still being supported after the layoff?
Draft a short, one-paragraph message that you believe should be sent to the organization to announce these layoffs. 
During the week, review and offer suggestions to your fellow  students on how they can modify their message to make it more palatable  to employees, offering suggested words and approaches that they may  consider.

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