8 Responses For DQ1&2 At 80words

DQ 1
1)      E.P        : Topic 2 DQ 1

The Biopsychosocial model of wellbeing and illness is a device created using George I. Engel that expresses that collaborations between natural, mental, and social determine the motive, sign, and result of health and sickness. Verifiably, famous hypotheses like the nature versus preserve, banter positioned that any of these factors turned into adequate to shift the route of development. The biopsychosocial model contends that anybody factor isn’t always ok, it’s far the interaction among people, hereditary cosmetic (technological know-how), mental wellbeing and conduct (brain studies), and social putting that determines the direction of their wellness associated effects. Also, biopsychosocial vision assists vital with a caring specialist to comprehend the connection among herbal and psychosocial elements of illnesses to improve the dyadic connection among clinicians and the patients and multidisciplinary procedures in information consideration. From my conclusion, the biopsychosocial is very essential to public health. For example, people may start smoking for psychological reasons, such as thinking it makes them less stressed or because of personality traits.
14 Engel GL. The biopsychosocial model and the education of health professionals. Ann N Y Acad Sci 1978;310:169-87.
15 Engel GL. Sounding board. The biopsychosocial model and medical education. Who are to be the teachers? N Engl J Med 1982;306:802-5.

2) N.T    Re: Topic 2 DQ 1

When saying health people tend to lean more to the side of working out and eating right. Health in many aspects are both the bad and the good. It may also come as a shock the just because diseases may be present in one’s body does not make them completely unhealthy. Take asthma for example. This is an obstructive lung disease that require medications and monitoring. David Beckham (a world renowned soccer player) is considered healthy, he is also an asthmatic. By showing that these two things can cohabit one’s body you can make a broader health prevention model. Preventing and managing diseases is the main goal in healthcare and health promotion. However, it is equally clear that the more positive dimensions must also figure prominently in the formulation of a satisfactory definition of health (Green, J., Cross, R., Woodall, J., Tones, K., 2019). This model helps see the patient as a whole and not just someone who has a diseases. I have personally seen people who have gotten healthier after they have learned of their diseases process.

Green, J., Cross, R., Woodall, J., Tones, K., (2019) Health Promotion: Planning and Strategies. Chapter 1 (15) pg. 15-17

3)    E.C    Re: Topic 2 DQ 1

 Hey Class,
The chart that goes along with the reading gives a good aspect of health over all is not about just being healthy but also the other side of the spectrum and how they go hand in hand together. You cannot just look at being healthy or being unhealthy you have to look at the whole picture. The whole aspect of biopsyoscocial health is so important to public health because they all intertwin with each other very deeply. Bio health is the health of the human body and function. Psyo health is the health of the person mind. Social health is the health in which the person has with is society. With that being said a person can be in great physical shape but not be in a great place within their own mind which could cause them to have social issues as well. Public health can have a significant impact on this in many different ways.

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5)  R.D

Choose on public health historical event from your state. How was this event impacted by the overall public health system in the United States?
6)   E.C         Re: Topic 2 DQ 2

Hey Class,
The first historical event I am going to talk about is the US (United States) AIDS Epidemic. This was a very dark time is US history because we not only had a disease that was killing people, but we also had a large group of Americans being shamed because of their sexuality. HIV and AIDS in the early 1980’s and even 1990’s was a huge issue with primarily gay men and IV drug users. In ‘82 was the year epidemic began and it wasn’t until ‘88 when Harvard University founded their AIDS Initiative. Without public health and the education of safe sex AIDS could be a much bigger problem than it is today. Unfortunately, there is still no cure there is medications out there to help slow the process of HIV. The next event I want to talk about is the Three-Mile Island nuclear incident. This event was very deadly for many years. At the time they did not realize how deadly the after math of this incident was going to be. They also did not know how far the nuclear radiation was going to travel. This event led to stricter rules and regulations on nuclear plants and how to dispose of the waste.

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