A Collection of Poems

Home Sweet Home

Where you can walk without britches

and scratch where it itches.

Sunrise at the Jersey Shore:

The black morning sky puts on a purple robe

A promise of a new day…

Much like the vestments of the Lenten season

promise the resurrection.

The purple patiently turns to pink

Then burning red

Arousing the sleeping sea gulls.

Finally, a peep of flame sits upon the horizon

and grows in roundness to a full, fiery globe

dancing on the ocean

The sight is awesome

Causing me to feel insignificant

in the power of this glorious sight

and yet..

I also feel eternal and important

In the knowledge that

God created this for me.

Winter in the Hudson Valley:

Oh! Beautiful white and fluffy snow

Syncopated symphony of winter’s song

Stay in Alaska

Where you belong!

Legal Prostitution:

What we do to earn our keep

Is more important than our sleep

For though sleep helps keep the body whole

It’s our work that ought to feed our soul.

Of all the cruel punishment put on men

The one that sickens me is when

A man is forced to spend his days

doing work for money

And securities sake.

The only security in this life

can be

When we look in the mirror

And like what we see.

A Birthday Wish:

Some people cynically say..

A birthday is a milestone to a tombstone.

Some people ritualistically make Hallmark happy

and florists flourish.

I say a birthday should be

A crossroad of opportunity

A regular renewal

A reminder to take stock

of our lives

A realization that the candles on the cake

Are burning

And whatever time is left

Must be used wisely

I wish you all good things

Especially the acceptance of

How much you are worth

And truly capable to achieve

with peace and happiness.

Mysterious Women:

“Have a good day!”

I say to my wife

As I leave for work

And the game of life

“Shut up!” She says

With a vice like a shrew

“Don’t you tell me what to do!”

Ah! Yes!


Can you guess?



The flirtatious wind whistles at the unsuspecting tree,

proudly clad in her colorful clothing with a crown of red leaves in her hair.

He dances erotically ’round her and methodically, leaf by leaf, robs her of her vestments.

She resists at first, holding on to her child like innocence.

But then, as nature consumes her and fills her with desire,

She submits willingly, eagerly, allowing him to embrace her nakedness.

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