A Poem – Our Unfounded Fear of Death

I woke up this morning and a new poem was being written in my head. This is how some poetry comes to me; just before waking I see the hand as it is writing the words. So I have to get up quickly and physically write it down before I forget, so here it is, I hope you enjoy it.

A man lay dying in his lonely bed

Four years affected this life he’d led

Now withered and ravaged with bones so frail

The last two years he prayed his heart would fail.

What is life, he thought, when all that you

Can feel is regret for the things you’ll never do

Oh this existence I would drop in a breath

For to live like this must be far worse than death.

His mindful words then suddenly stilled

And stillness came upon his tormented mind

From deep in his heart now the words flowed forth

“I have not forsaken you my friend.”

I tell you truth so that you will see

That your life was precisely what you desired it to be

Nothing worldly could cause such pain

T’was the fears you cherished that became your bane

Not fear of death but all the small fears alone

Became the author of the life you have known

The fears you cradled then entered your heart

And once revealed there had turned to stone

Now written upon the stones are how

Your life has passed from birth till now

But I have been with you in every breath

And will never leave you even in death.

And it is well that this is so

For this is how you desired to grow

Life holds no lessons for you here at all

And your heart truly feels all there is to know.

You have cloaked divine wisdom with your mundane mind

And you knew your heart would reveal it at the perfect time

And perfection is all that there is my friend

It matters not you were unaware

For it is all revealed to you in the end.

Anything less than a life, Joyful and Grand

Is a life that is always written in sand

The tides of time will wash it away

Till the bedrock beneath is where you will stand.

The bedrock you know, is your foundation of love

That supports all you place there and judges none

Once the love is exposed you will become

One with all and all with One.

Fear now is only a passing breeze

That gives but a gentle voice to the trees

Then fades like a mist with the first rays of sun

Now your New life of Freedom has just only begun.

There we go, what do you think? It was already written when I woke up, but I guess I’ll have to take credit for it anyway.

Maybe it’s a dissociative identity disorder; when I sleep, another ‘me’ is awake writing poetry and most of my poetry is written at about 4 a.m. when I get up; pretty weird. It’s OK they still like me here in my little world.

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