ABC Courier Company

Three courier drivers and one dispatcher from the ABC Courier Company went out for a beverage after work. In the course of their conversation, they decided that something had to be done about the way they were being treated at work. Drivers’ wages varied considerably; but, seemed to average $14.75 per hour. It also seemed that the boss’ favourite drivers got much higher wages and others received minimum wage.
As well, the company expected workers to work overtime. This request occurred frequently and inconvenienced many of the drivers and dispatchers, most of whom were single parents. Any worker who complained or refused to work overtime, was told they were “not flexible enough”, and were let go.

Over a period of time, workers began to grudgingly accept overtime even on a short notice of 10 minutes before the shift ended. Some employees were favored or disfavored. Those employees favored by management received preferential delivery routes or pay increases or promotion. All dispatchers were required to be on the job 1/2 hour early but did not get paid until their start working time. The company did not provide individual and family workplace benefits (i.e. dental, vision, life, disability, pension).

Over time, the situation became intolerable for the dispatchers. They were tired of being treated unfairly and being taken for granted. The dispatchers thought about starting a union at ABC Courier Company. Currently there are 22 delivery drivers and 4 dispatchers.

  1. What is it that workers can gain by unionizing?
  2. What about the right not to join a union?
  3. What might be some of the reasons or objections why some workers may not want to unionize?

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