ad assignment 2 paragraphs about an ad

you will be writing 2 paragraphs about an ad: (any ad)

Par 1 – A bit of background on the ad – company and product – and objective description of ad.

Par 2 – A well-developed critical paragraph on the ad (analyze many elements…font, images, colors, design, proportion, focal points, movement.

You will need to have:

  • A clear topic sentence that gives your opinion on the ad – does it work? Is it a waste of money or an amazing argument to try the product?
  • You need to analyze specific elements in the ad, such as images, words, stated and unstated messages, colors, font, style, etc.
  • Identify the appeals being used, logical fallacies and persuasive techniques. Do they work?
  • Cite two outside sources (and include the works cited entries). You could look up what different colors suggest, articles about your product or company, the company/product website, etc. You may include the two sources beneath the paragraph if it fits (on the second page)


adessaysamplehints: examples on how the paragraphs should be written

adorganzier: what to pay attention to/ what to write about the ad


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