america dream research paper

Research Paper

Research question: What is the status of the American Dream today?

  • Is it still alive and well? Can it be achieved by anyone who wants to work hard for it?
  • Is it slowly dying? Are there any demographic groups that face insurmountable obstacles in the pursuit of their dream?
  • Is it out of reach for most people?


  • You can focus on America as a whole or on a specific demographic group.

Rhetorical Strategy: Persuasion

  • Formulate a clear opinion on the controversy.
  • Support it with relevant evidence from credible sources.
  • Your personal experiences and/or observations may be incorporated into the paper to illustrate information gleaned from research.


  • At least three sources required
  • While a google search may yield some valuable results, our library databases are strongly recommended for this assignment.
  • MLA documentation: both in-text citations and corresponding Works Cited required

Length:3-5 pages

Grading criteria:

Structure, development, and style (70 pts)

  • Three- part structure
  • Clear thesis
  • Thesis supported with relevant supporting details (research and personal observations/experiences)
  • Logical organization and smooth flow
  • Academic style of writing

Quality of MLA-style source documentation (10 pts.)

Grammar, punctuation, mechanics (20 pts.)


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