an analysis of the uncontrallable environments of nike

An analysis of the uncontrollable environments Of Nike
The report must also include footnotes and a bibliography:
â–ª At least two references taken from literary sources and/or academic journals (example: Journal of Marketing) and/or popular sources (example: Business Week, Fortune, etc.) (note: internet citation is not acceptable for this category of reference.)
â–ª Students are encouraged to further their search using the Internet; work must be cited.
Written Project (10 marks)
Group mark unless the Peer Evaluation forces an adjustment
You will be judged on the following criteria
Content: Accurate description of the marketing environment variables and elaboration of the marketing mix
Structure and organization of paper
Clarity and conciseness of writing
Use of appropriate marketing terminology
Creativity and professionalism of the paper
Literacy component (see course outline)
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