Analyse Business Case Study help

I. Business Cases:
The written assignments will be a concise, evaluation of the case issues. This includes critical evaluation of options, strategic risks and recommendations.The evaluations MUST be a minimum of 3 full pages of content, maximum of 4. Failure to submit 3 full pages of content will adversely impact your grade ( 1 page = 33.3%, 2 pages = 66.6% 3 pages =100% of content) You are not to offer your personal opinions. Your critical evaluation must be evidence-based. You are Master’s students; as such you should write accordingly. Submitting work that lacks appropriate citation, grammatical usage, or professional tone will be grade accordingly. Formatting includes: double spacing and 12-point font. These papers directly relate to a specific case, APA references/citations are required.These papers will be 20% of your grade, or 10% each.

Grade Breakdown


Summary of Case


Critical Evaluation of Case Content


Grammar, Spelling, & Writing Style


APA Referencing and Citations


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