Analytical Essay (world civilization)

Write a 1200-1500 word analytical essay. (I require all students to write their essays in Times New Roman, 12 font, 1” margins on right, left, top and bottom. If you follow these directions, you will have an essay that is 4-5 pages).
An analytical essay proves a theory (thesis or main idea) with support from primary evidence (an analytical essay contrasts a narrative or descriptive essay which just tells a story and has no main idea). The primary sources used by students to prove their theses can be the primary source required readings for each week. However, if the primary source readings are insufficient to help students prove their thesis (main idea), then visit (or cut and paste this address: and research through the various primary sources from diverse periods and civilizations. In the analytical essay students will want to provide an interpretation (perspective) of world civilizations. Students should try and discover a common theme that connects the different historical periods and societies discussed in the various documentaries, lectures, and readings.
For example, your thesis can be something like: This essay will demonstrate that although women have not had political and social power throughout most of world history they still have been able to achieve significant degrees of political and social independence. Then you state the FIVE primary sources you examined to prove this. In the body of the essay students will analysis each primary source they choose individually and demonstrate how each primary source supports the essay thesis. Make certain to use primary documents to support your perspective (thesis or main idea).All analytical essays should have a minimum of FIVE primary sources. Essays with less than five primary sources will be reduced by an entire letter grade.
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