Anchoring Research Paper – Good Background Study

A research paper anchors its strength and credibility to the studies and literature that support it. Without a sound background of the study, usually done in chapter two in most research papers, the entire study’s reliability becomes shaky and its relevance quite unstable. Why?

Chapter two of most research papers is called the Background Study or Review of Related Literature. It is important in determining the overall credibility of a research paper because it presents previous researches and literatures that support the main claim of the ongoing study.

A background study is usually long. Some research papers even have chapter twos that comprise half of the entire research paper. It basically depends on how extensive researches have previously been done in the field or subject to be investigated. Although, it doesn’t essentially mean that the longer the background study the more quality the research paper gets. It doesn’t follow because it all boils down to getting the appropriate studies to efficiently support the paper.

Through the review of related literature, the researcher builds the study’s relevance by citing related study or studies that lead up to the current research. Previous studies serve as a foundation to a research paper, rooting down its worth to prior facts and ideologies. Chapter two also contains a definition of   terms  section specifically when the  paper  uses special or technical  terms  that might not be understood by the general reader. Because chapter two builds the study’s significance, research papers review of literature need to be as comprehensible as possible – a simplified approach so as to connect clearly one’s study to the other.

However, understanding the importance of a sound background study is just the initial step. The challenge is how and where to gather the right research materials to be employed in chapter two.

Writing a research paper’s background study entails a crucial process of information collection. In order to produce a relevance-driven chapter two, data selection is very critical. Being in the right place and having the right materials is vital in writing research papers.

Libraries are more often than not the right initial place to be. General reference books such as encyclopedias and books are good starting point in doing research. General reference materials help the researcher to be better acquainted with the subject. But it doesn’t stop there – there’s a lot of place to be if a research paper aspires for great academic recognitions.

After conducting an initial background research, a more comprehensive research using journals, magazines, newspapers, and the Internet are advisable to employ. Why? Review of related literature is not merely about previous studies. It also can add a fresh touch of details. Journals, magazines and newspapers usually provide more current information on than reference books. These materials only add up to the scholastic value of the research paper.

Also, the internet can be a valuable for supplementing source to the data gathered from books and journals. On the other hand, it is an imperative to evaluate the information to be taken from the Internet – accuracy, content and author are prime criteria. With the enormous challenge to prove a main argument, writing research papers call for keen attention to the chapter that anchors its way to proving its relevance – the study of the background.

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