Art Analysis
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Please talk about your thoughts on the film, “The Artist is Present.”
Did you enjoy the film? Why or why not?
Did any of her performances make you feel uncomfortable? Which one/s? Why did they make you feel the way that you did?
Are you comfortable with performance art as an art form?
Any other thoughts on the film?
This question is worth 100 points. 50 points for your first response to the question, and then you must respond twice to a fellow student’s response for the other 50 pts. This discussion will remain open for one week. For a reply to count for credit, you must carry the conversation forward and add something to it, other than just, “I agree,” or, “yep.” Be creative. Feel free to add links. Also, please note, if you miss that week to post, you will receive no points, NO EXCEPTIONS! This assignment depends on class participation. And remember, class participation is a large part of your overall grade!
Nilda: The film The Artist is Present is the expression of Marina Abramovic as an artist. Marina explores the relationship between the artist and the audience. She challenges herself and participants emotionally, intellectually, and physically. She uses her body to express new ideas about gender, violence, sex, feminism, and honesty. The film is strong, unexpected, different type of art. Marina ‘s goal is transforming the art and revolution expressionism art. The scene where she is lay down with a skeleton in top of her was shocking for me. The representation of this is how you end, or this what is inside of you, and it is no different from everybody else, it is overwhelmed. Marina Abramovic pushed her limits in this film. She used her body to convey her ideas. I am no comfortable with this type of art, because is challenging. The feelings of the artist and the participant are involved and that is why is called The Artist is Present. She is putting her body in front of the audience as a media to communicate her feelings. I think the film is extremely provocative. It challenges to feel pain, discomfort, vulnerability, and exposure in her performances. It challenges your mind.
Victoria: In my opinion, with the film, “The Artist is Present”, I feel a corresponding negative and positive emotion. Negative in the way as some of Marina Abramović’s works were very unnecessary or they had no reason. However, in a positive way, as the film showed different works, I was very engaged as to what she was going to do next. Every one of her works is very different and unique compared to other pieces.
I did find some of the works to be odd. Out of all of the different and odd performances the film showed, I found the masked naked women dancing was quite disturbing. When the film first showed it, I thought it was a film from a kidnapper or torture. As the man was going through her different rhymes/shows I also found it a bit uncomfortable when she considered hurting and pricking her finger as art, especially when the needle got dangerously close to her eye. Lastly, I found it very uncomfortable when the exhibit forced the viewer to squeeze through two naked people.
Sadly in general, I never liked performance art. In addition, while viewing Marina Abramović’s works of art, I feel like the distance has increased. When viewing the video Murakami, ‘Passage’” for a lesson, I had thought it was nonsense as the man was just running through paper for no reason. I have the same feeling with Abramović’s art.
Though, my favorite part was knowing and understanding Marina Abramović’s love life. When Ulay sat across from her, although there were no words at first, the viewer can feel the supporting and worrying presence. This was a bittersweet as they had solemnly connected in front of a live audience.

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