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In class, we talked about the condition of the US Infrastructure and the report card produced by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).
Watch the related videos: (ASCE 2017 – Infrastructure Report Card Video)
Visit the follow the link for more detail info about the report card:
Pick two of the 16 areas of infrastructure (e.g. bridges, drinking water, energy, etc.) graded by ASCE and write a 1-2 page summary of the following:
For each area, provide a summary of each, describing the current condition, the grade given by ASCE, the investment needed by the US to improve this part of nation’s infrastructure, and what will be the responsibility of Civil Engineers to improve this area?
The last part of the assignment is to briefly summarize the plan for America’s infrastructure proposed by the current President’s administration. You can use key terms like “Trump” and “infrastructure week” .
***Single-space , 12 font, any images and citations used should be properly referenced (MLA or APA style).
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