For this writing assignment we will address some of the physics concepts from Chapter 4 that you will need to understand in later chapters.  I would like to you to answer the following questions.  When you submit your assignment number each question separately.1.  Describe Wien’s and Stefan’s radiation laws–explain each one and give examples from the textbook to illustrate how they work (Section 4-2)2.  Explain what the continuous emission spectrum, emission  lines and absorption lines are (i.e.  all of the Kirchoff’s laws Section 4-4),  what they are used for in astronomy (Section 4-3), and how they form (Section 4-6).3.  Explain what the Doppler effect is, what red and blue shift mean, and how it is used to study things in the universe (Section 4-7).Each answer should be about a paragraph in length or longer.  Make sure to answer the questions in your own words–I’m not looking for a word for word explanation from the book or the bullet points at the end of the chapter.Each answer is worth up to 5 points.  The characteristics of a 5 point answer are:*The question is answered correctly (1-2 sentences)*There is extensive is elaboration to support/illustrate the answer (3-4 sentences)*The spelling and use of conventions (capitalization, punctuation) is correct.  Proper grammar is used (sentences flow well when read aloud).*The writing proceeds in a logical fashion–it is straight and to the point.  There is no filler or unnecessary information


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