Automated Chemistry Analyzers – A Perfect Choice for Modern Laboratories

Chemistry analyzers play a vital role in modern laboratories. State-of-the-art automated chemistry analyzers are a perfect choice for modern laboratories as they can efficiently and quickly analyze blood and body fluid samples for bilirubin, albumin, creatinine, magnesium, urea nitrogen, uric acid, calcium, inorganic phosphorus or assays of thyroid.

Automated Lab Chemistry Analyzers – Useful Laboratory Companions

Clinical laboratories face various issues such as poor sample control, poor result verification, quality control and assessment, non validated tests, time pressures, poor workload management and understaffing. To resolve such issues labs need to equip themselves with smart clinical chemistry analyzers. Leading laboratory equipment suppliers offer these units from industry leaders such as Alfa Wassermann, Awareness Technology, Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics, Beckman, Dade and Elan Diagnostics. There are many factors that go to make these automated devices great lab companions:

Precise and Consistent Results

Automated analyzers come with features that allow them to offer preciseness and consistency in variety of routine chemistry analyses.

Ease of Use and Safety

Good laboratory equipment helps reduce operating costs with simplicity and ease of use without compromising on the reliability of results. Upgraded safety features such as closed tube sampling and auto disposal of samples helps in user protection as it reduces direct contact of the operator with pathogens in samples.

Smart Detection of Anomaly

Modern day analyzers come with advanced technology which ensures fast accurate reporting of abnormal test results by automatically diluting and repeating those tests. No operator intervention is required. Advanced models offer a unique STAT test interrupt process for single or panel testing.

On Board Sample and Reagent Refrigeration

One of the models ACE Alera system have refrigerated compartments which maintain specimen and reagent integrity and eliminate any overnight reagent transfer. They also have a high reagent storage capacity.

Time Saving

Modern fully automated analyzers have the capacity to carry out the most tedious and tie consuming clinical analysis process accurately in least turnaround time. Professional lab equipment such as Beckman Synchron CX5 is best suited for vitro diagnostics. It can provide give accurate and timely results in the clinical testing of serum, plasma, urine and CSF samples.

Saves Space

Space is a major constraint in modern laboratories. Compact benchtop automated analyzers are available to resolve this issue. Many come with all the features of large floor model analyzers.

Advanced Data Management Capabilities

Data management capabilities such as patient sample and ailment database and high sample result storage capacity help in providing quick results and sample comparability.

Medical Lab Equipment Supplier

There is no doubt that automated chemistry analyzers are accurate, timely and safe, and require minimal supervision and maintenance. However, to benefit from a quality model at a competitive price, it is important to purchase the device from a reliable lab equipment supplier. Choose a laboratory equipment supplier that offers prompt and efficient after-sales services.

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