Best Season to Travel to Australia

Walk gorgeous beaches and gaze at the dramatic cliffs over Bronte Beach in the summer months; sample the delicious cuisine and try the fruits of Australia’s famed wine country in the fall; winter brings everything from skiing and snowboarding to diving and snorkeling; in spring, watch Australia bloom with the best nature and culture the country has to offer. When is the best time to travel to Australia? Anytime. There is something to see, do, and experience no matter when you go. A better question may be “when is the best time for me?” Let’s see.

Australia is in the southern hemisphere, so you will find northern winters transform into hot summers. Here, the north is hotter, while the south is cooler. You may find temperatures in the 50s in south while it is thirty degrees warmer in the north. Despite this, much of Australia is temperate year-round. Travelers should generally be aware of a few factors which will influence vacation plans:

* The wet season runs from November through April. Here you will find heavy rains and very high humidity. During this time, most of Western Australia is not as welcoming in terms of weather, though you’ll always find the Australian people very welcoming.

* The dry season with its much lower humidity levels is more popular with tourists, and it runs from May through October. A beautiful time to see Australia.

* The summer months (our winter months) are very hot, but the south of Australia, including New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and the city of Perth, are more temperate and provide a pleasant escape for those from snowy climes.

* Crowds grow thick from Boxing Day (December 26) to the end of January. This is when Australians take vacation. Beaches are packed, and seaside resorts and hotels are booked and expensive. You will find airfare to be at its highest. While the rates creep down over February and March, they spike again during Easter.

* There is a “value” travel season during mid-April to late August. You will find lower airfares and accommodations. The weather will be gorgeous for trips to the beach or visits to the Outback.

* If you want to visit Sydney and/or Melbourne, opt for December through April for inexpensive accommodations and thin crowds.

As you can see, you must balance cost with weather and crowds, and decide what is most important to you. Those who want to bake in the sun will love the summer months even if they are packed onto a beach (full of friendly Aussies, not too bad!). Those who want peace may like the quiet of Melbourne or Sydney in December. Higher humidity is the trade-off for lower prices. Above all, remember that there is no wrong time to go to Australia.

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