Building arguments in your essay: Deductive and Inductive

Have you ever seen a lawyer in a dispute by a jury over a case? The lawyer either takes stand for it or against it and he builds the strongest case to offer the reader. Persuasive essay is all about to take a specific stand and convince the reader to agree with the viewpoint. Basic tools of the essay include a good research, awareness of the reader’s favoritism, and concrete information on both sides of issues. Custom writing services help to cover all the basic points mentioned above which aids in fetching good grades for the students.
Why persuasive writing is important? Persuasive writing is a necessity of a modern life. It acts as a bridge and a strong source of information found in advertising, blogs, editorials and various political speeches. It often highlights the present-day issues, for example: “Whether to prohibit the use of mobile phones in schools or not.” The main purpose of the persuasive writing is not to provide information but to convince the reader to act in a certain way and adopt it.
How to build an argument essay?
The best approach to write persuasive writing is to follow the five step procedure explained below. The tips are really strong to present a well formatted essay. An essay writer should follow these tips rigorously.

  • Choose a thesis: Students or writers generally pick up topics which they will enjoy to working upon. Custom writing services helps students to write in a better on the topic they choose.
  • Write Introduction: An interesting introduction keeps the reader engaged in the entire thesis. A proper background study should be done to support the argument mentioned the thesis.
  • The Body of the thesis: Each paragraph of the body should contain its own mini-argument. An essay writer should take proper care of the arguments to be mentioned.
  • Concluding the essay: Restate the points again strongly mentioned in the thesis to give a proper snapshot of the entire argumentative essay.
  • Editing is important: An essay should be very well reviewed by somebody else to make it more readable and clear. Custom essay writers also provide help in proofreading of the essay.

However, there are certain techniques and formats on how to start an argument for an argumentative essay. There are two types of reasoning which are to be considered while building an argument.

1. Deductive reasoning
This type of reasoning follows top to bottom approach. In this a theory is first thought worked upon about the topic of interest. Then the hypothesis is formed. This hypothesis is further addressed by collecting observations. All this, finally helps to test hypothesis with a unique data. For further explanation, read Web Centre for Social Research Methods: Research Methods Knowledge Base: Deductive and Inductive Thinking

2. Inductive reasoning
This reasoning works the other way round. It moves from collecting observation to broader theories and generalization. This approach is called a bottom-up technique. In this type of reasoning, particular observations are noted which helps detect the pattern and regularities; thereafter hypothesis is made which can be explored thoroughly. All this ends developing a theory. Read Web Centre for Social Research Methods: Research Methods Knowledge Base: Deductive and Inductive Thinking for more explanation.

Hence the major difference between inductive and deductive reasoning is that inductive reasoning is more open-minded and exploratory unlike deductive reasoning which is narrow in nature and concerned with testing the hypothesis. While writing an argumentative essay, writer should consider the best technique possible suitable for the thesis chosen to work upon. Any technique is suitable depending upon the topic under study.

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