Central Community College Transformational Leadership Journey

PART A: Using the Wall Street Journal menu link, select an article that relates to Effective Leadership readings, videos, and discussions. Briefly explain why you chose the article and how it relates to your leadership – Transformational leadership journey. NOTE: Use the Search option to narrow your search/find relevant topics or navigate to different sections of the WSJ.

PART B1: Share an experience that you have had working in a dysfunctional team. Looking back, how might you have applied the “Leaders relentlessly upgrade their team, using every encounter as an opportunity to evaluate, coach, and build self-confidence.” to help resolve the issue(s)? Support your answer with information from your DiSC assessment results which is i.

PART B2: PLEASE RESPOND TO CLASSMATE DISCUSSION WHETHER YOU AGREE OR NOT & A DETAILED WHY: Multidisciplinary rounds (MDRs)is an approach to planning and evaluating patient care with health professionals from a variety of other health disciplines. I joined a Hospital where these rounds were performed three times a week involving various disciplines involved in patient care (nursing, case managers, nutritionist, physical therapists). The rounds were led by the Chairman of Medicine whose profile is best described as D. He was forceful in the way he wanted the rounds performed. One thing the rounds lacked was the patient. Decisions and plans were being made without the patient or family only to change when bedside rounds with the patients occurred. I suggested adopting a format used at other institutions were the MDRs were performed bedside with a leaner group of disciplines. I was met with significant resistance from the Chairman.

My DiSC style is Si, Steadiness with a blend of Influence. Over several months I was able to leverage relationships I had built with my team and other disciplines. I got approval for a pilot study and eventually after its success we implemented MDRs hospital wide.


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