Coming soon: A new version of the SAT

Changes coming in 2016 to the SAT:
– No more extra penalties for wrong answers.
– Essay portion will be optional.
– Top score will be 1,600 with a separate score for the essay, compared with today’s possible total of 2,400.
– It can be taken in either paper or digital form.
– It will include a passage drawn from “founding documents” such as the Declaration of Independence or from discussions they inspire.
– Calculators will be permitted only on certain portions of the math section, not on the entire section.
– Students will be asked to analyze both text and data in real world contexts instead of answering questions that don’t require that.
– Vocabulary words more widely used in classroom and work settings will replace more obscure vocabulary words.
– Essays will measure students’ ability to analyze evidence and explain how an author builds an argument, not just students’ ability to construct an argument.
– The math section will draw from fewer topics instead of a wide range.
Source: College Board.

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