Common Uses of USB Memory Sticks

A USB memory stick is a very handy piece of technology. They are about the size of a stick of gum but they can store an amount of information that it would take hundreds if not thousands of books to store. They are cheap and easy to obtain. They are very tough and not subject to the same kind of damage and wear that other forms of data storage were. For all of that, we have not even begun to scratch the surface of what they are capable of. This is not just a matter of making use of their data storage abilities but also their potential for marketing and branding. A small, cheap and powerful data storage like a USB memory stick has a lot of potential for ways to make different types of content available. This could be useful for anything from promoting your band to helping students in the classroom.

Of course, the most simple way for a business to use a USB memory stick is to give them away to clients or prospects branded with your company name and logo. In the not very distant at all future, this will become the new equivalent of giving away pens with your company information on them.

Unlike pens, however, which are so ubiquitous that people most forget what is written on them even while they are using them, a USB memory stick is still a fairly unique thing, so that people are not as likely to simply ignore what is written on them. Give them away as a key chain, and you have a great way to promote your business in a way that people will actually appreciate.

If you are a teacher or professor, it is pretty simple to get books up loaded and out on the sticks, which means that you can just give your students the information rather than having to make them slog to the library and hope the information is available.

Musicians can take advantage of USB memory sticks by placing songs and video content on them. Since a few songs will hardly even make a dent on the memory capacity of the most common sticks, you will also being giving fans something they can use. Or you can do a limited run of them with all the music you have made, or a recording of every gig on a tour. Since they have such huge capacities, it will be easy to have all your music available in one place for your fans to buy. In fact, since they are so cheap you could even give them away as incentive to come to shows.

If you are an author with a large catalogue of books, stories or essays, you can put them on a memory stick and sell that. In fact, putting them on a stick allows you to make use of places like eBay which do not allow download sales anymore.

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