Competencies and Applications: Manage Your Employment Brand

Gamification is now used to recruit new employees. Online puzzles and simulations are just examples of the games that engage potential applicants and build brand awareness for organizations. Talent acquisition is the process of finding and hiring high-quality talent needed to meet the organization’s workforce needs. Recruiting is the process of generating a pool of qualified applicants for organizational jobs. Recruiting and employer branding is part of an organization’s marketing. It is linked to the overall image and reputation of the organization and its industry.

Key Competencies: Business Acumen; HR Expertise: People/Talent Acquisition.

Think of your current or previous organization and consider their methodology of recruitment and selection. Put yourself in the HR role and consider the following questions.


  1. Analyze how you would convince senior leaders that the investment would be worthwhile?
    2, Identify how you would partner with inside and outside your organization to develop and convey your brand message?
  2. Explain what hiring managers do to create a welcoming environment for military veterans?
  3. Evaluate what attributes of military veterans would lead to success in business?

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The post Competencies and Applications: Manage Your Employment Brand first appeared on nursing writers.

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