Complete 2 Short Business Discussions


How would you describe your own leadership style? Keep in mind this doesn’t just mean your leadership style in the workplace. This could also mean your leadership style in your family, in a community organization, or even among your friends. Is your style autocratic, participative, or laissez-faire?

After you’ve answered this question, do a Google search using terms like “leadership style quiz” or “leadership style questionnaire” and find a good online questionnaire or quiz. Take this quiz and see how you rate. Do you agree with the rating in this survey? Share the link for this questionnaire with your classmates in case they want to use it. As a follow-up post, try taking one of the questionnaires that your classmates found and compare your results.


Watch the Holly Katke video from the Trident 2018 graduation. Respond to her story and consider what fuels your passion to accomplish your dreams? How will you overcome challenges to perform your very best?


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