Complete Circuit and Lab Assignment EXPERTS ONLY

easy history AssignmentJanuary 14, 2021

Fundamental Properties of AC Circuits/Lab
Show work for full credit. Include MultiSIM screenshots where indicated.

For the circuit below, solve for the following:

IT (pk), IT (p-p), IT (rms), IT (avg)
Voltage drops across all individual resistors

VR1 (pk), VR1 (p-p), VR1 (rms), VR1 (avg)
VR2 (pk), VR2 (p-p), VR2 (rms), VR2 (avg)
VR3 (pk), VR3 (p-p), VR3(rms), VR3 (avg)
Period of the source VT
Capture screen-shot of VR1 (p-p), VR2 (p-p), VR2 (p-p). Use Tektronix Oscilloscope in MultiSIM.

For a fixed frequency of f= 500Hz and the values of C below, determine XC:

C = 1.0uF Xc = ?
C = 0.5uF Xc = ?
C = 0.2uF Xc = ?
C = 0.1uF Xc = ?

Determine the following:

XcT for two capacitors in series with the values Xc1 = 200ohms and Xc2 = 800ohms
XcEQ for three capacitors in parallel with the values Xc1 = 200ohms, Xc2 = 800ohms and Xc3 = 1000ohms

For the circuits below, determine CEQ and CT respectively:
For the circuit below, determine the following (express all answers in phasor form). No work equals no points. Include screenshot from MultiSIM for Single Frequency AC Analysis to confirm your calculations.

Given an iron core with 500 turns, a length of 0.50m and an area of 2×10-4m2, determine the inductance.
A 20:1 transformer has NP = 200, VP = 220V and IP = 4A. Determine NS, VS, and Is.
Four inductors of values 5mH, 9mH, 15mH, and 17mH are connected in series. Determine the total inductance.
Four inductors of values 5mH, 9mH, 15mH, and 17mH are connected in parallel. Determine the total equivalent inductance.
Calculate the energy store in a 15mH inductor with a current of 5mA flowing through it.

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