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Each essay needs to have 2 full pages for essays with in text citations and after each essay the source page needs to right after each essay.
Part 1
6.Write an essay about violence and contemporary religion. Try to include the perspectives of at least three different groups
Part 2

9. Look at the issue of objectivity and “telling the story” in The Study of Religion. Why is it important? Do we need the same type of objectivity in studying Theology? What about our views of religious groups from both the inside (as community members) and the outside (as observers) when we are writing about religion? Both can study it. Write about the pros and cons. (Chapter 7 in Embarking…)
Part 3

A New AdamA Nation RebornSoul of a Nation

A New EdenA New LightOf God and Caesar

10. View part of your segment and write a 650 + word essay summarizing or commenting upon a 15 to 20 minute sectionfrom any one of these 6 parts (above) that you found interesting.

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