Costume and lightening Design Project

TH-2140 Theatre Western Culture class. must follow all dircstions in the attachment. Due as soon as you can. this is urgent. want A+. both progects worth 40% of my overall grade. if not well done. I will faill the class. sp be carfull with the istructions. read the attachments first. then we can talk
application/pdf iconth_2140_-_costume_design_project_1.pdf
application/pdf iconth_2140_-_lighting_design_project.pdf
application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet iconlighting_breakdown_chart.xlsx
application/pdf iconlighting_breakdown_chart.pdf
application/pdf iconapollo_gobo_catalog.pdf
application/pdf iconrosco_color_filters_guide.pdf
application/pdf iconrosco_gobo_catalog.pdf
text/plain icontool.txt
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