Creating a Therapy Group |

Powerpoint Slide On Psych.December 22, 2020** ONLY PSYCHOLOGY WRITERS** Throughout this course, you synthesize current research to create a therapy group you might be interested in facilitating as part of your Final Project. Consider what type of therapy group you might want to facilitate. Is it structured or not structured? Is there a theme? How long will the therapy group last? What else do you need to consider to effectively start the process of developing your therapy group? From there, begin thinking about why you are choosing this group. Is there a need for this therapy group? How would this therapy group form, and where would it meet?For this Project, think about the type of therapy group you are interested in creating. Conduct research select articles that support the rationale for the development of your therapy group. .The Assignment (3 pages ONLY…DOES NOT INCLUDE BIBIOLGRAPHY AND TITLE PAGE) Describe a type of therapy group that you are interested in facilitatingDescribe the population and explain why this population might benefit from this therapy groupExplain the purpose of the therapy groupExplain the rationale for developing this therapy groupResearchand select seven articles related to this type of therapy group and create an annotated bibliography**STAY ON TOPIC** “Looking for a Similar Assignment? writersThe post Creating a Therapy Group appeared first on My Perfect Tutors.
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