Deadline to complete week four tasks is Post an initial response where you a) c

Deadline to complete week four tasks is
Post an initial response where you a) choose one or two of the readings and/or videos and identify two examples of “gatekeepers” (the people the author/speaker encounters b) briefly describe how the gatekeepers’ actions support structural power and reinforce inequality. Initial posts should be 150-200 words. (You may also choose to post a 3-5-minute video).
Respond to at least two of your fellow students. Responses should demonstrate that you’ve read and reflected on your classmate’s response. Ask them a substantive question; make a connection between what they’ve said and what you got from the materials, etc. Response to fellow students should be 50-100 words each.
In the essay, My Vassar College ID Makes Everything OK” discussed the issues that challenges higher education and how there are many gatekeepers in the day to day world of higher education. For example the author wrote about campus security and how on the surface they are charged with keeping the campus safe for all of the people inside of it but how they target and harass students of color on campus making them feel unwanted and safe. Then the director said that there is no racial profiling happening on campus. This to me showcases an issue that gatekeeper are selling a vision. That gatekeeper wants to support the action of his officers while defending the institution image. The second example is a gatekeeper in the story was a senior white member of the English department furthering the idea of “ebonics” This gesture showcases the misconception that there is a different language or slang that all African Americans have and use. Also this ideas make discredits the author credentials to teach because the colleague is implying that they do not speak proper. This is meant to put down his colleague so they can not continue to grow professionally.
Two reasons essay engaged me so much is because I love NJCU and I want to work in higher education in the future. At NJCU we are considered an HSI and a MSI (Hispanic Serving Institution and Minority Serving Institution). Now on paper we rave about the diversity of the students and get extra federal and state funding because of these title but what are we actually doing for the students that make us a HSI and MSI. I have been at NJCU for four years now and I have seen little to no resources for these groups. Yes there are also going to being meetings and committees but a lot times must committee gets lost with different project and they become they one liners on the end of year reports. This also stuck my love for higher education because I realized more and more as I read and research higher education that the author story about feeling alone and targeted is not an isolated case. The author being part of countless committees and feeling let they have to move the administration in the right direction is not isolated. This is still true and I honestly believe unless we get more people in administration at a university that looks like their student population we will never see true change.
2. Amina Benkaddoor
In her poem “you are in the dark, in the car….” And the short video “stop-and-frisk” By Claudia Rankin ( the author/speaker ) shows how police forces “gatekeepers” target black people and treat them us criminal. In her poem, “You are in the dark, in the car…,” Claudia Rankin mentions numerous situations showing various actions of racism which can affect a black person. Using repetition, the author makes the reader feel like that happen again and again to black people. I meant by that being treated as criminal, being chased, being suspected. She makes the reader, after each act of racism, notice how black people are targeted by police. One feels really disturbing and upsetting to imagine how many black people keep falling in the trap of discrimination and racial label by police forces who use and abuse the law (system) to make that happen. They can easily provide reasons for that abuse of system. Referring to Claudia Rankin poem, they make the arrest by just saying “you fit the description of who we are looking for”. She used her voice to express the experiences for those who have been victim of racism and been stop and frisk searches. In both pieces one can notice how oppression makes these encounters, between both parties (black people and police forces), happen again and again in different ways, different circumstances, and different places but with the same outcome. One feel like these acts become normal.
READ: Rankine, You are in the Dark; Laymon, My Vassar College ID; Strangio, The Unbearable (In)visibility

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Post an initial response where you a) c appeared first on nursing writers.


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The post Deadline to complete week four tasks is
Post an initial response where you a) c first appeared on nursing writers.

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