Death During the Coronavirus Era

This paper is to show evidence of understanding of

.        salient concepts of thanatology and Black Thanatology

        the historical systemic attacks against Black life in each era and how Blacks mitigate the experience,

        your pastoral response to the murder of Black life in the Coronavirus Era.

        Be sure to apply a theological, psychological and practical lens to your response

as the intent is to be prepared for the prophetic problem-solving as your congregants are now more than ever subject to becoming the next victim of a state sanctioned or white supremacy vigilante execution, denied medical treatment that could be live-saving as a result of their economic status or perceived body capital.       

        A plan that details your approach to work towards justice as a spiritual leader caring for Black life in the CV Era

        Obstacles you anticipate

      Results you expect to achieve and resources you need to achieve these goals.


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