Death Poetry

Every living being has its own uniqueness. He caters himself to every phase with lots of responsibility. But as the time passes on the functioning of ones body stops and as a shock for all the others it make tracks for ever. Different regions have different cultures which are observed at the time of the death of an individual. People follow certain customs as a part of their society. In Japan as well as in Korea including many other countries, there is a custom of writing poems poems poems poems poems  is a skill and major part of it depends on the writer’s proficiency on language and also their knowledge. Before starting with the same one must give time to him and think over as to what all content he can use. Firstly one should think of a topic. As we know that the theme of the  poem  remains the identical but the things change according to the relationship of the dead one with respect to that of the poet. He may be closest of all to him or one of the personalities who never met before.

Then one can come to the form and the tone of the  poem . The tone used while writing should be simple enough not necessary with a rhyming touch to it. It can be in a form of a free verse and at the same time consists of couplets that are rhymed. Feeling of sorrow requires having its presence. The person for whom it’s written should be provided with a distinct image and should include some of the personal feels and thoughts. We can include anything which actually reminds us of that person for example festivals, parties and dinners etc.

Death poetry can be found on the internet at different poetry websites.

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