DETAILED Guidebook for Freshmen Entering Event Planning Industry

I need a full out resource Guidebook to publish online matching my topic – Planning a Productive Career Path: An Online Resource Guide for Texas State University Freshmen Interested in an Event Planning Profession. (so the guidebook needs to be for Freshmen interested in Event Planning, a guidebook to follow while going through college – what to expect in the industry.)

The guidebook should have graphs, pictures, and at least ONE activity to do in the guidebook (it can be made up and your own touch to it) also add whatever neat ideas of your own into the guidebook to make it unique. (could be very lengthy, maybe 10 pages depending on the activity, graphs, pictures, and creativity added to it)

MUST HAVE – Title page, Preface/how to use this Guidebook, Table of Contents, Overview/Background of topic, Chapters, End Page (all in appropriate order)

some IDEAS for chapters or table of contents could be,

  • What is Event Planning?
  • What qualifications do you need so as to venture into Event Planning
  • Specific Professional skills required in the field.
  • How to gain Experience in Event Planning
  • How to make it in the Event Planning business

******* attached is the rubric to follow for this assignment and also what it should have. I also attached a previous assignment to follow along what the guidebook needs to provide. ***************

This should NOT be a typed out paper, its a detailed Guidebook that is fun and creative to help freshmen entering college and wanting to pursue Event Planning – a little something to help them along the way/what to expect in the future of event planning.


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