Developing Continuously And Effectively Social Media Influencer Marketing

The traditional celebrities’ endorsement approaches had a significant influence on the past trend, but the emergence of social media has given rise to a new platform that allows social media influencer marketers to gain more audience and have broader extents of influence. The research question for the research will be aimed at investigating the benefits and shortcomings of online celebrities’ influences on social media marketing. Therefore, the research question will assist in determining the appropriate approaches to developing continuously and effectively social media influencer marketing in the new era of digital marketing to reach a more extensive consumer network. Thus, the objective of the research is to describe the phenomenon of celebrity endorsements and how the use of social media influencer marketing will allow the company to benefit. Thus, by exploring the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing celebrity endorsement will assist in determining whether the approach will have an impact on a brand image or customer loyalty. Also, the research hypothesis will determine how social media influencer marketing involving celebrity endorsements have to change how brands are interacting with consumers.

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