Digital marketing and analytics

This is an individual assessment which seeks to develop your analytical acuity, grasp of the practical elements
of the subject, and ability to extract actionable narratives from market data (40% TMM). You are expected to 2/11
demonstrate a critical understanding as to how these narratives can be actioned to feedback into Bluebird’s
wider digital marketing strategy. The maximum word limit for the project is 3,000. This assessment is due in
week twenty-four of study. This assessment extends upon the case study used in assessments one and two in
that you will “test” the effectiveness of the devised marketing strategy for Bluebird using marketing analytics.
Please read the case study below. The report is to be submitted to blackboard in MS-Word format by Friday
30th April 2021, along with the completed Excel File. Two separate submission areas have been set up for this.
As the Digital Marketing Manager, you presented a Digital Marketing Strategy to the board (Assessment One)
and proposed a Digital Marketing Campaign (Assessment Two). Based on your Digital Marketing Strategy and
Digital Marketing Campaign, Bluebird successfully undertook the following:
• Launched their new product line of customizable footwear
• Updated their website
• Updated their social media platforms
• Incorporated an Ecommerce system to handle online sales

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