Discount Airfares

Many major airlines offer various discount airfare rates to motivate travelers to fly with them. Travelers can usually garner a fare deal from these offers. Many websites like [], provide information about special fares, and discounts of various airlines. It is   best  to visit the airlines exclusive website to gain such information. Major airlines provide  discount  fares most often for their frequent flyers.

Often, booking in advance is a sure way to receive a decent  discount  fare on a flight. United Airlines, for example, offers 10% off mid-week couch fares when tickets are booked seven days in advance. Advance booking of 30 days or more qualify for  discounted  rates on most ‘no frills’ flights. There are many zone-based  discount  rates on airfares as, and various travel and entertainment magazines also offer  discount   code  coupons for air travel. provides information relating these special deals. Senior citizens often get special rates, and children under two travel for free. Many airlines also offer student  discount  as a symbol of  good  will for future high fliers and frequent travelers.

It is often a stupendous task to keep rack of the various discounts that you can take advantage of. You have to constantly search the many airline travel sites on the Internet or keep in close contact with your travel agent. Sometimes, going with a travel agent is the best idea, as they have easy access to all available airlines and the discounts they are offering. They also have access to offers that may not be advertised to the general public.

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