discussion public and global health trends

The expression “Think Globally, Act Locally” guides your Discussion this week. By accessing information from this week’s Learning Resources, you will have the opportunity to learn how healthy your community is. You will identify the key health issues and vulnerable populations in your location of choice. Understanding the factors that influence the health status of residents in your location will provide you with a local perspective to compare to global health challenges you will examine in weeks to come.
Post a comprehensive response that addresses all the following prompts:

Which county, state, or country did you research?
How healthy is your county, state, or country? What evidence did you use to come to your conclusion?
What vulnerable populations are identified in your county, state, or country? Are there groups of individuals who have health disparities or certain health challenges? Are there issues related to availability of care within your county, state, our country? If so, what are they?
What risk factors for premature death and environmental health concerns exist in your area?
Where does your chosen area excel or fall behind in preventive health? Provide examples.

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