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A balanced scorecard helps organizations measure their performance through all parts of their business, including financials, customer service, internal business processes, and potential for learning and growth (Daft, 2016). The advantage of a balance scorecard is that it can help an organization identify issues, that may cause them to not meet their goals. An organization may have poor financial performance, and the balanced scorecard can help identify if it is due to a customer service or internal process issue. All goals might not be linked and depend on each other’s performance, but the organization will have a better understanding of how one area effects another.

My main customer service measure would be based on a customer service survey that is offered to all customers, either by website, email, or phone call. The survey would include cleanliness of the store, friendliness of the employees, wait time at check out, ease of finding products, store layout, and product quality. This survey would allow for issues to be brought up right away and to track trends. Another aspect of customer service would be internal metrics like staffing, average checkout time, and amount of time items are out of stock. Staffing would be measured by how many hours is the store staffed with the optimal number of staff members. Average checkout time would be based on how fast from first scan to receipt printing. This goal can be based on the average checkout time company wide and adjusted for improved performance. Tracking cleanliness of stores would be based on a cleaning checklist and would have to be manually audited by management throughout the day.

These goals are all customer service focused, but can tie into other sections of the balanced scorecard. If customers complain that an item is always out of stock, it can help identify a problem with the supply chain or inventory control processes. Optimal staffing isn’t just about customer service, but also financial performance. Staffing has to be adequate enough to keep customers happy, but low enough to not be wasteful.

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