Do Your Homework Before Working From Home

Working from home is a great idea that most people should consider when looking to increase their income. One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is whether to start an online or in-person business.

An in-person business means having to interact with another person face-to-face in order for a sale or a service to take place. Day care, tutoring and cake-making are examples of successful in-person businesses.

An online business means that most of the work can be done primarily on a computer using the internet. Creating websites for advertising income, making affiliate sales and selling informational products are examples of profitable online businesses.

The Differences

Most businesses which have to be done in-person have some similarities with their online counter parts, but it’s their differences that can make your work from home venture soar or totally flop. Here are the differences.


While time is required for both kinds of businesses one business usually requires it of every transaction. For example, to sell make up or a cupcake you need to meet the person in order to deliver your goods or to accept payment. If you can’t make the time to see your client, then you don’t get paid. However, an online business can be set up so that you don’t even have to be present to sell or accept payment because it can be automated. You can even be asleep while money is sent to your account.


Doing anything at home can be an isolating experience but working from home online can be even more isolating. You can go days, weeks or even a month before you talk to another adult in relation to your business. In-person work, on the other hand, lends itself to consistent social situations. You would be hard pressed to sell your product or services over the phone, or through email with an in-person job. Although social interaction would scare some people from starting a home based business, some relish it and would not start one unless there were some social aspect to it. To each their own, but it is one of the most important decisions you have to make when starting a business.

Turn Around Time

Turn around time is important when working from home. It’s defined as the length of time it takes to actually make money. Selling the lipstick you just received in the mail could be done within the hour if you try hard, but selling something online can be weeks or months away. Making that money consistently online is going to take even longer. If you need money right away, then turn around time needs to be a major consideration when choosing your venture.

All Businesses

Regardless of which type of business you choose, in-person or online, to be a success you must show some effort even when things look impossible. No one has ever been successful by just sitting around thinking about making money. Show some effort and reap the rewards. Also, if at all possible, find a mentor in your area who can guide you through the pitfalls in your particularly area. Finally, research your business thoroughly before jumping in because many people have failed for not knowing what to expect when starting to work from home.

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