Early Childhood Funding Sources Discussion

Researching MORE Funding Sources

This week’s project will require you to research potential funding sources, create a fund development plan, and consider how you might market your organization to build positive publicity, recognition and credibility. All three processes can enhance your program’s financial success! Take this opportunity to share your ideas and experiences regarding funding sources and approaches with your classmates here. Respond to the following:

  • Identify 3 examples of potential funding sources based on your own knowledge or the recommendations in the readings this week (grants or foundations, corporate funding, etc.). Go directly to company websites or browse the Foundation Center’s website (www.FdnCenter.org), the Grantsmanship Center (www.TGI.com) or government grants (www.Grants.gov). Provide the source and web link.
  • Give a brief summary of the funding source–the types of initiatives they tend to fund, their mission or objectives and how they could potentially be a good source for you to include in your project (Part 1: Researching Funding Sources).


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