Elderly daycare, health & medical homework help

Elderly daycare, health & medical homework help

Question descriptionChoose a Community Agency for the Elderly such as meals on wheels, elderly daycare, assisted living facilities, Internet finds for elderly care, or any that are listed in the additional resources area of the course guidelines section. DO NOT USE NURSING HOMES. Visit the chosen agency using the check-off criteria for guidelines of what information is to be obtained to write an APA formatted 3-6 page paper on the facility that you choose. Be sure to include all areas of the check-off criteria in your paper assignment. You need to stay at least two hours in order to evaluate how the service is utilized and to obtain the necessary information for your project assignment. You will have the option of doing a maximum upload of three files, if necessary for this assignment. Be sure to support your document with 2 nursing peer reviewed articles no older than 5 years. Be sure that when you visit the facility that you have someone sign a self typed statement stating that you did actually visit the organization on the day that you placed into the paper assignment and turn this statement with signature into the assignment drop box with the paper. No credit for this assignment will be given without this signature document.


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