eng315 week 9 discussion and response

Professional Networking”

Select ONE of the following:

  1. Discuss three (3) reasons for utilizing professional networking during the job-hunting process. Note: Some potential points to consider include: developing a professional network, experiences you had presenting your resume at a job fair, or interaction on professional networking websites such as Linkedin.
  2. If you do not have experience with professional networking, you should do some light research into your intended career field and discuss three (3) relevant professional organizations that may be a benefit to you when looking for a job following graduation.



RE: Week 9 | Discussion

“Its not what you know but who you know”…I remember when I used to think that this statement was another cliche’. However, it wasn’t until I needed to capture an internship that this very statement became a reality. While working on my legal studies degree my tort law professor often encouraged us to attend the national paralegal conference that was being hosted in our city. When I attended I met law professors, attorneys, judges, paralegals and current law students. I collected business cards and shook hands with prominent members of industry. Upon my return to class, for extra credit our professor asked those who attended to write about their experience and what we thought the benefit is from attending. I was very dismissive regarding the benefit because I didn’t quit understanding that I was networking.

While pursuing intern opportunities, I was reminded of the business cards that I collected at the conference. When I decided to reach-out, I was amazed at how many lawyers remembered our encounter. Although I didn’t get intern offers from all, I did get offers. This experience helped me realized that the cliche’ statement can actually be a reality.

Utilizing professional networking during the job-hunting process can produce results because in some-way you’ve already showcased your professionalism just by networking. Also, having someone vouch for you can go along way. You can spend years advancing your knowledge in a particular field but often times promotion and job placement can arise because of who you’re connected to or know. Finally, using your professional network during the job-hunting process can potentially give you insight on where the best job opportunities are or which jobs you should avoid.

There are several networking platforms to promote your services and/or skills. As a professional, we ought to remain flexible and open to the various ways in which one can network because you never know where your break will come from or through.


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