engineering ethics hoover dam environmental impact

Engineering Ethics

Spring 2020

Value Analysis Paper #2

1. Offer a brief linear narrative of the case. [1 paragraph]

2. Analyze the values at work in the decision-making of theengineers in the case. In this section of the paper, be sure to address each of the following questions:

(a) Which values do you believe drove the decision-making of the engineers in the case, and what evidence do we have to support this view? [1 paragraph]

(b) Are these the values that should have driven the decision-making of these engineers?

Why or why not? Should other values have driven their decision-making in this case? Explain. [1 paragraph]

(c) Could any of the engineers in the case have made better decisions? If not, why not? If so, for which decision(s) is this true, and how would these alternate decisions have better served the values that you think should have been driving the decision-making of the engineers in the case? [1 paragraph]

(d)Whichmoral lessons—lessons about how to resolve conflicts of values that arise within moral dilemmas—can current and future engineers learn fromthe case? Explain. [1 paragraph]

3. Include a “Works Cited” page listing all sources cited in the text of your essay.

Date due: Your essay must be submitted to SafeAssign (via Blackboard) by 11:59pm on Monday, 02 March 2020.

Length: 5 paragraphs + Works Cited page; typed; double-spaced.


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