ENGR101 West Virginia University Solar Water Heater Technical Report

Draft report section(s) should include the below given sections (Technical Report Template should be followed):

Background (combined of all team members)
Test Results from first design

For the result section, you can come up with any numbers that seem reasonable. i will edit them later
i will attach 2 background researches and you can combine and paste both for the background section
for Methodology, it is basically a box that was built using aluminum roll then, using the light from sun, and a magnifying lens, the box should be reflecting the light coming from the lens which will heat the water that is inside the aluminum box. i will also attach the technical report template and rubric so you can follow instructions.
Result should include 5 trials and a neat and formatted table with proper headings, number of rows and columns
i selected 1 page because you don’t need to write more than that, you should use the background researches provided therefore the total number of pages should be around 9-10 pages


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