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Hi so each journal entry has to be a page each.
Here are the topics
Journal Entry Question: 1) What is the most important Social Issue to you? What is social justice?
2) Tea Time- meet someone in the class and write the journal on them :
(you can make this up my class mates are all majority 3rd year human rights majors ) the name of the student is SUREYA
3) What is the topic for your first paper? What social justice issue are you addressing in your paper? ( it can be about any social justice issue) talk about it write a reflection.
4) No Question for this week/ JUST A REFLECTION OF THE CLASS:
Just talk about how interesting and difficult it can be addressing social just issues.
5) where about what is the most important idea that you learned:
just talk about disabilities in relation to social justice.
6)where about what is the most important idea that you learned:
Talk about domestic violence and women
7)How did you like this course and what did you learn?
Just talk about how important it is to learn about social issues and explore ways of social change. Talk about how important it is to think outside the box in regards to social issues.

The paper should be a total of 7 pages
You don’t need references. It more based on your own opinion. So you have room to explore .
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