exhibit your understanding of concepts learned this semester evaluative summary communication argument analysis

Potential Topics:
-Gender representation in video games
-Depiction of race/ethnicity in video games
-Censorship and freedom of speech in video game
-Gaming Culture
-video Game and education
-the role of identity and video games
-video game and literacy.
Getting Started & Generating Ideas:
Consider the following questions before you begin writing as you draft.
-What is the issue or controversy being researched? Do you feel strongly about your topic?
-What background does your audience need to know to understand the complexity of the issue?
-How can you “hook” the audience?
-What is your specific argument (thesis) you make in response to the issue?(What is your stance?)
-How will you support this argument(thesis)with evidence?
-How are you addressing the credibility & context of each source you are including?
-How do the various perspectives interact with one another? How can you turn others arguments into a conversation in your research paper? How will you include the opposition’s stance?
-What conclusion can you make or solution can you propose as a result of your argument?
For your 10-12 page research, please identify, at least implicitly, your audience and where they fall on the sympathy spectrum. Be sure to adjust your strategies appropriately.
The assignment will be graded on your ability to follow the above criteria, follow MLA/APA style format, as well as on creativity, originality, and seriousness of your research.
Final Paper Components
1. Title Page & Abstract (for APA papers)
1.1) A short objective summary of your argument and main points.
2. Body of the Paper (10-12 pages)
2.1 Expand upon your main-points and sub-points
2.2 Consider the various techniques of summary, evaluation, analysis, and synthesis
3. Works Cited/ Reference Page
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