Final Exam Paper 3 Pages

Pick a area in your life (personal, club, work, etc) that you think Six Sigma would provide improvement opportunity. Describe how you would organize the effort, how you would build your team, identify some potential projects, metrics (data), etc. Address opportunities from Chapter 1-7. Propose several improvement projects and how you would monitor their implementation.
I do NOT want this to be educational discussion spouting definitions, listing steps, etc. I need you to demonstrate that you understand the concepts, not memorize definitions. So, no quotes, references, no citations (but no plagiarism, obviously).
 3 full pages, double spaced. Strive for Blooms Taxonomy in the area of Analyze, Evaluate, Create for maximum credit
Rubric——–Page length (0 – 25 points)Paper format, double space, 12 pitch, normal margins (1”) Less than 2 pages: 0More than 2, but less than 3 pages: 25More than 3 pages: 0
Discussion Level: (0 – 25 points) Remember: 0Understand: 5Apply: 10
Analyze: 15 Evaluate: 20 Create: 25
Support: (0 – 25)No support: 0Support proposal is weak (lists proposals with no narrative: 10 Support proposal with “whys”: 20Supports proposal with “what’s possible”: 25

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