finish my paper with an abstract introduction and conclusion

In this assignment,

I need:

The culminating argument paper is a reordering of the first two papers with the addition of an abstract, introduction, and conclusion

  • his paper should include a composed introductory section and a new final conclusion section that presents your discussion of (and argument for) the solution. Your argument, or rationale, for the solution that you propose is the focus of this paper.

Your paper must:

  • Be 16 pages in length
    • Introduction (1–2 pages)
    • Conclusion (1–2 pages)
    • References (1–2 pages)
  • Reference 12–15 scholarly, peer-reviewed resources (compiled by combining all of the references from the previous papers.
  • Please keep the Plagiarism to the lowest level, I need this paper to be in your own words no copy paste allowed, proper citations if theres a need to used them.


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