Fire Prevention Program

Fire Prevention Program
For this assignment, you will be developing a Fire Prevention Program that you will present via PowerPoint. You will draw
ideas from both your occupational and educational experiences and knowledge. These are familiar surroundings, which
are likely to aide in your development of a program of fire prevention and life safety. Provided below is a brief scenario to
get you started.
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Scenario: You have been a member of your organization’s Fire Prevention and Life Safety division for a number of years,
and you have just completed several college level courses relating to fire prevention and occupational safety and health
with an online university. You have presented your most recent grade records to your supervisor who is very impressed
FIR 3303, Introduction to Fire Prevention 8
with your accomplishments. In light of your achievement in these courses, your supervisor has assigned you the task of
creating a formal Fire Prevention and Life Safety Presentation to be composed for presentation to various civic
organizations such as Lions Club, Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, and the local Elks Lodge. Your primary
target audiences will be comprised mainly of adults therefore your presentation must be designed and geared for the adult
Your supervisor asks you to put together a slide presentation using the Five-Step Program model given by Diamantes (pp.
168-170 of your textbook). Your final presentation will provide your supervisor details of your process used in assembling
the presentation. A minimum of three slides must be devoted to each of the five-steps. Be innovative, creative, and
remember this is the first step in the overall process of creating a presentation worthy of public viewing and interest. This
presentation will be seen by ONLY your supervisor (at this time); however, you must make an impression that confirms
you have the “right stuff” to venture out for formal presentations to civic organizations.
Keep in mind that your organization has never embarked on such a project. You are the first, and as such, you want to
ensure that your supervisor views a clear and concise series of slides. It is intended that once you have mastered the
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concepts and mechanics of the five-step process, your supervisor will, in all likelihood, assign you the additional task of
composing a formal slide presentation that will include specific elements relative to fire prevention measures intended to
education the public in both civic organizations as well as the public-at-large.
Treat your PowerPoint slides like any research paper—provide in-text citations and a reference slide for any outside
sources including direct quotations, paraphrased words or ideas, tables and data, and images.
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Your completed presentation should contain the following:
 A title slide (title, your name, and your organization’s name);
 15-20 slides detailing your Fire Prevention Program; and
 a reference slide (minimum of three references should be used to complete this assignment, not including the
textbook, and be sure to utilize the Online Library).
Be sure to make use of the Notes area of each slide to contain your own narration, as each slide should be brief and
concise. Notes are used during presentations and are not seen by the viewers.
Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.
Unit VII Essay
Standard Operating Guideline Paper
Background Information: You have just been promoted to the rank of lieutenant (or bureau manager if serving in the
private sector) and have been appointed to the Fire Prevention Bureau/Office as the new supervisor/leader. Your
predecessor held the position for many years and had his or her own way of keeping, storing, and maintaining fire
prevention records. You soon discover that records are in total disarray and very few records are properly stored, nor
have the volumes of the records been properly maintained and protected from the environment in which they were stored.
You have a bureau crew of four other employees who have had little involvement in the handling of records and you plan
to change that.
Task: The purpose of this essay is for you to apply the concepts and information you have learned in this unit about the
position of a Fire Prevention Officer/Manager. This assignment provides you with the opportunity to use your skills,
expertise, and experience to enrich your response when compiling data that will be used for risk reduction within the
community. You will compose a standard operating guideline (SOG) that should address the following components:
 proper recording of bureau/office inspections, incidents, testing, re-testing, and re-inspections;
 proper storage of all records gathered by the bureau/office; and
 proper maintenance of all stored records for the required amount of time as set-forth by local, state, and/or federal
rules and regulations.
You should be clear, concise, and ensure that the SOG addresses each of the three bulleted components given above.
The final SOG packet must contain a minimum of one full page for each of the three components listed above; no
component can have more than two full pages of text.
FIR 3303, Introduction to Fire Prevention 9
Keep in mind that your SOG narratives must be straight-to-the-point. Avoid long rambling narrations as these tend to
distract attention and often lead to confusion and misunderstanding of purpose and functionality.
Remember, you are the head of this newly formed bureau and you want to impress your leadership with your knowledge,
academic ability, and occupational experience. Be innovative and creative; however, be sure to utilize a variety of sources
that must include your textbook. Your final paper will become your SOG to be used and referred to in your day-to-day
To better help you in the formatting and completion of this assignment, please click here to see a template which can be
used to help you in composing your SOG.
Your sources must be cited, and referenced in APA format. Failure to use appropriate resources, or resources that are
available in CSU’s Online Library, can lead to deductions.
Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.
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Unit VIII Essay
This final project paper will utilize many of the sections of material you have studied during the duration of this course.
You will make use of your own personal observations and occupational experiences to enhance both quality and quantity
of the final paper.
Whether you are employed in the public sector of safety or the private sector of safety and health management, your
expertise and knowledge of dealing with other human beings will provide you with ample value in producing the finished
Task Part I
Discuss how the concepts and knowledge, along with standards and professional qualifications, you have gained in this
course relate to the following professional occupational positions:
 fire marshal,
 plan examiner,
 fire inspector,
 life safety educator, and
 fire investigator.
Your explanation of the concepts and knowledge related to the five positions should be limited to a minimum of two full
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pages but should not exceed three pages.
Task Part II
Describe the relationship between the contents of this course and your present occupational position or your desired
future occupational position.
Your relationship between concepts and knowledge to your present or desired future occupational position should be
limited to a minimum of one page but should not exceed two pages.
Include specific references to specific topics found in the textbook (e.g., fire prevention and protection methods, fire
protection systems, and record keeping and preservation). These are but a few of the possibilities. Do not limit your paper
strictly to the example given.
Your paper should be in APA format and include both in-text and reference citations. Your sources should include:
textbook, related journals or magazines, and related sources from the Internet.
Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.
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