Write a 1,000-1,250-word paper discussing codes of practice and ethical issues that must be considered when using psychological assessments. Address the following in your paper: A description of at least three ethical issues including multicultural and diversity issues Ways to avoid the ethical issues in psychological assessments A discussion of how a clinician assesses behaviors that stem from cultures or subcultures A discussion of how a client’s academic/education, career, personal, and social development impacts assessment choice
Include a discussion of how these ethical issues are addressed in “Section E: Evaluation, Assessment, and Interpretation” from the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics located at:
Include at least three scholarly references in addition to the textbook in your paper.
Please use the following APA headings for this week’s assignment:
(your intro para/s with no heading is first)
NOTE: I am unable to get them to format correctly in this platform so not that level 1 headings are bolded, capitalized (first letters), and centered. Level 2 headings are the same but flush left. There are also Level 3,4, and 5 headings.
Assessment Ethics (level 1 heading)
Example 1 (level 2 heading)
Example 2 (level 2 heading)
Example 3 (level 2 heading)
Avoiding Ethical Dilemmas (level 1 heading)
Cultural Considerations (level 1 heading)
Choosing the Right Assessment (level 1 heading)
Conclusion (level 1 heading)
Review APA levels of headings at:
Read all instructions carefully. Please use your textbook AND at least three other scholarly resources.
Your minimum word count is 1000. Do not include title page or refs in word count.
Be sure you are reading all course material as well as the resources in Topic 2’s study materials (under Path).
Let me know if you have any questions.
Heres two references for you to use: 
Cohen, R. J. & Swerdlik, M. E.(2018). Psychological testing and assessment (9th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Companies. ISBN: 9781259870507.
ACA code of Ethics reference: American Counseling Association (2014). ACA Code of Ethics. Alexandria, VA: Author
Make sure you pay attention to the word count, she is a stickler. Dont use reference page of title page in word count. Don’t forget to have a conclusion at the end.  (ugh these picky Professors.)

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