for prof kankan

Question 1From Part A:Length of the page in centimeters (cm)A. 24cmB. 28cmC. 32cmQuestion 2From Part A: Your height in centimeters (cm)B. between 101cm and 150cmC. between 151 and 200cmD. over 200cmQuestion 3From Part A: Your height in meters (m)A. under 1mB. between 1m and 1.5mC. between 1.5 and 2mD. over 2mQuestion 4From Part B: How was the volume of the cereal box determined?A.multiplying length X width X heightB.multiplying two sides plus the bottomQuestion 5From Part D: Room temperature in degrees Celsius (choose closest temperature).A. 20 deg CB. 23 deg CC. 25 deg C
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