For this discussion, you may write about a culture or subgroup you already know

For this discussion, you may write about a culture or subgroup you already know (please do your best to avoid the use of language that is based in common misconceptions or stereotypes or language that could be viewed as offensive to a specific group). Alternatively, you may instead choose a culture that interests you, conduct Internet research on that group, and base your main posting on what you have learned about that group. The information you present must be backed up with PEER-REVIEWED resources to support your responses.
1. What is one culture or subgroup with which you are familiar or is of interest to you? Some examples of cultures and subgroups may include race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, and religious groups.
2. What are the issues and concerns that psychotherapists and other professions need to be sensitive to when working with this culture or subgroup (please be specific)? Specifically, what kinds of mistakes or “unaware discrimination” should you be careful not to make?
Make the above 1st page be at least 250 words
2nd page (at least 250 words)
You have been elected group leader and have accepted the extra responsibilities even though it will mean a few sleepless nights. It may help you lessen your workload if you delegate responsibilities to your group members. The project requires that you create behavior intervention plans for two elementary school students. You will need to utilize Motivating Operations (MOs) in your plan.
You will play the role of the group leader who is presenting your team’s behavior intervention plans (BIPs). You will provide background on the following two cases by describing the target behaviors and explaining the contingencies put in place in the BIPs and why the manipulation of MOs can have a powerful influence on behavior.
You assign Chrissy’s case to Madeline:
a. Chrissy is in 2nd grade and still does not know her primary colors. You must design a behavior intervention plan (BIP) to teach Chrissy her colors that can be implemented within her classroom. Be sure to include MOs in your design (possible reinforcers: Chrissy loves M & M’s and Goldfish crackers. She also loves to play with baby dolls and puzzles).
b. Explain MOs and their impact on the expression of the target behavior and the value of the reinforcer.
c. How did you take advantage of MOs to increase Chrissy’s learning?
You assign Jeffrey’s case to Mark:
a. Jeffrey is in kindergarten and has been taking other children’s snacks at the 10:00 a.m. snack break. He is eligible for the free breakfast program, but he rarely arrives at school in time to eat. You must design an antecedent modification program that incorporates MOs (possible reinforcers: Jeffrey’s favorite things are peanut butter crackers, chocolate chip cookies, and toy robots).
b. Explain how antecedent modifications work to prevent unwanted behavior.
c. How did you take advantage of MOs in the antecedent modification and why will your approach prevent the target behavior?
Please fill out the 2 attached documents as well. (They go along with the 2nd page.)
Source for page 2:
If above link does not work try this one: vbk://9780134798769/page/37
I only paid for one source because I gave you the 2nd source. You only need to use peer-reviewed source on page 1 and use the boom link given for page 2.
Please use in-text citations for both page 1 and page 2. Thank you.

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The post For this discussion, you may write about a culture or subgroup you already know first appeared on nursing writers.

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