Minimum 1 paragraph per questions.

1. Identify an artistic example from the Avant-Garde in which the artist refuses the status quo.

2. Jean-Paul Sartre wrote: “When choosing himself, man is choosing for mankind.” Explain this quote, reflecting on the role of the intellectual in society.

3. Share a poster or a motto related to French foreign policy of the 1950s (e.g. Dien Bien Phu, Franco-Algerian war, etc.) or to internal dissent of the 1960s (May 1968, etc) and explain how it reflects dissent and unrest in France.

4. Provide of an example of a film director countering political tendencies through stylistic choices Explain whether you think it has been effective.

5 Choose a francophone country, city, or landscape other than France and briefly present it to the class. Provide a link to a picture or relevant website.

6. Compare the French policy toward diversity at home and the driving principles of the Francophonie organization.


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